True Steam Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning your carpets can be a difficult task and if it’s not done properly, it can do more harm than good. However, with the right professional service, you can get a deep and sanitary cleaning that leaves you with a healthy home environment. All Clean Of America offers a True Steam Carpet Cleaning, which gives you a proper deep cleaning, leaving your home both safe and sanitary for your children, pets, and loved ones.

Man cleaning a stair case

What Does True Steam Carpet Cleaning Do?

True Steam Carpet Cleaning cleans more than the surface of your carpets, it penetrates deeper, removing dirt and debris that has sunken in, being missed by vacuums or shampooing. With this steam cleaning service, you are able to lift difficult build up attached to the carpet fibers, giving you both an effective and efficient way to clean your carpets.

Using a steam cleaner on a kindergarten rug

How Does True Steam Carpet Cleaning Work?

By combining steamy, hot water with our professional cleaning chemicals, True Steam Carpet Cleaning is able to remove tough pet smells and stains as well as mold that has sunken deep into your carpets. This combination lifts the dirt and debris while sanitizing as it goes. It’s a quick and easy way to refresh your carpets and your home.

Man cleaning a white carpet

What Are The Benefits of True Steam Carpet Cleaning?

Pet dander, dead bugs, and even cockroach allergens are just a few of the disturbing things living within your carpet fibers. True Steam Carpet Cleaning is a great way to rid your carpet of any foreign particles, allergens, and odors brought into your home. Experience fresher air and a cleaner environment with a once a year carpet steam cleaning.


Is Steam Cleaning More Effective Than Shampooing?

Steam cleaning your carpets is significantly more effective than shampooing them. With True Steam Carpet Cleaning, you will be capable of reaching the deepest parts of your carpets. Those tough stains, odors, and allergens don’t stand a chance as steam cleaning is able to reach deeper than any traditional shampooing service.

Whether you’re looking to tackle tough odors, stains, or allergens, True Steam Carpet Cleaning gives you a thorough cleaning. Use steam cleaning to refresh your home with a clean and healthy environment. Get your quote today!